Electronic knowledge

1. The working principle of the thermostat
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The thermostat is according to the object ReZhang shrink principle made from. ReZhang shrink is the common objects, but the different objects ReZhang shrink degree is not the same. Double gold piece two sides are different material conductor, changing temperature because of collapsible degree is not the same and make double gold sheet bending, encounter a set of contact or switch, make a set of circuit (protection) began to work.
This is the basic work of the thermostat principle and making ideas.

2. What is the capacitance and classification
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The so-called capacitance, is hold and release charge of electronic components. Capacitance of the basic working principle is charging discharge, and, of course, rectifier, oscillation and other function. In addition the structure of the capacitance
1. Every dc: role is to prevent dc through communication and let through.

2. Bypass (decoupling) : for some of the parallel ac circuit elements provide low impedance path.

3. Coupling: as the connection between the two circuit, allowing the ac signal through the and transmission to the next level circuit

4. Filtering: this is important for DIY card, the capacitance basic are the function.

5. Temperature compensation: in view of the other element of temperature adaptability is not enough, and the effects of compensation, improve the stability of the circuit.

6. Timing: capacitor and resistor used together, make sure the electrical circuit time constant.

7. Tuning: and frequency related circuit system tuning, such as mobile phones, radio, television.